Pun About Soul | Coterie September 2013

Kaylee Cho 2

I went to a women’s wear trade show this Tuesday.  What a soulless, miserable place.  Even thoughtful brands like Baldwin get reduced to inane sales chatter here (I tried to engage the sales rep in a conversation about selvedge seams; she looked taken aback: “That’s like a denimhead thing”).  Half the booths had free candy but everyone went for the $6.50 Pinkberry instead.   I felt hated and unwanted.  If you’re ever contemplating suicide but don’t feel quite bad enough about yourself to go through with it, swing by a trade show.

Avoid the South Korea section, though, because the booths there might offer you a ray of hope.  Pretty much everything I liked at Coterie came out of the Korean Design area.  Language was a bit of a barrier and I mumble too much for anyone who isn’t a native English speaker to understand anything I say, but I got the impression from my brief conversation with Seoul-based designer Kaylee Cho that she’s the kind of person who would be into sitting down and having an hour-long conversation about seam stitching.  If I was a girl I’d buy all of this stuff.  Seoul fashion week is in October.  Expect a lot of black and white.


Kaylee Cho – The black kimono-style coat was probably her most instantly wearable piece, but this white lambskin thing (Cho calls it a “sleeveless jacket”) defies so many categories of utility that I think it’s almost essential.

Coinonia 1Coinonia – Kiho Kim and Momoko Hashigami aren’t doing anything Alexander Wang hasn’t done (going-out sweats, mesh pockets), but they’re doing it without the reliance on culty star power and status flashing.  The mesh armpits are weird and interesting but also just sort of a good idea.

Goenjo 2Goenjo – The calligraphy-printed Japanese cotton tunic with a cutaway skirt/giant mid-calf tail was probably the coolest thing in the entire show.

Koenjo 1References: 

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