Hole-In-Two.  One day after graduation, Los Angeles.


Over Hard on Bagel.  Memorial Day, Charlotte, NC.


Over Hard on Toast.  June 1st, Black Mountain, NC.

6. Over Medium with Cornbread and Cilantro

Over Medium with Cornbread and Cilantro.  June, Black Mountain.

7. Scramble with Swiss ChardScramble with Swiss Chard.  June, Black Mountain.

8. Over Medium-Hard with StrawberriesOver Medium-Hard with Strawberries.  Summer Solstice, Black Mountain.

9. Omelet

Omelet.  Nativity of St. John the Baptist, Black Mountain.

10. Over Easy

Over Easy.  July, Black Mountain.

Scramble with Fried Green TomatoesScramble with Fried Green Tomatoes.  Independence Day, Black Mountain.

11. Over Easy with Biscuits, Salsa, and Strawberries

Over Medium on Baking Soda Biscuits with Salsa and Strawberries.  July, Black Mountain.

12. FrittataFrittata.  July, Black Mountain.

13. Cheese Omelet with Kale

Cheese Omelet with Kale.  Last breakfast in Black Mountain, NC.

14. Over HardOver Hard.  Newark, NJ.

15. Charred Over Easy on Tortillas with SalsaButter-charred Over Easy on Fried Tortillas.  August, Newark.

16. Huevos Rancheros with PeppersHuevos Rancheros.  Labor Day, Newark.


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