3/11/14 | Lily Allen, “Our Time”

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 8.44.29 PM

LILY ALLEN, “OUR TIME”  – CHRIS SWEENEY.  Just as she revealed the cover art for her third album – the kind of annoying but kind of awesomely title “Sheezus” – Lily Allen released this relatively inoffensive and rather enjoyable video for her maybe soon-to-be-hit “Our Time.”  My feelings about Lily Allen have violently rocked back and forth for years – I was offended and then charmed by her old habit of wearing Nikes with sundresses; I was disgusted and then amused by her frank discussion of oral sex and its impact on one’s matriculation; I was horrified and then impressed by the unnecessary abuse she doled out on her poor ex-boyfriend in “Smile” (she ruined his records!  Records are life!).  By the time she went political-ish with “The Fear” I wasn’t into the cutesy-as-fuck-you thing anymore, and by the time she was getting married and taking musical hiatuses I had pretty much stopped paying attention.  I was ready to declare her dead to me forever after the release of “Hard Out Here” – which I still think is a dumb video – but found myself defending her when the socially conscious blogosphere turned against her.  Now, we have “Our Time,” once again directed by Matt Sweeney.  I would have liked it better if the black cab driver had been on his phone the whole time, but as it is everyone here – rich snob Lily, rich prude Lily, drunk hip Lily, upset hotdog Lily – is charming and well played.  If there is any sort of social/feminist commentary going on here I’ve totally missed it, and that’s probably for the best.  I will probably hate this song in three months, but for now I like it, I like Lily, and I really hope that she and Kanye West get into some sort of vulgar, offensive, highly over-publicized and hilariously de-contexualized internet feud very, very soon.


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