THROWBACK THURSDAYS | Blur, “Chemical World”

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 12.41.13 AM

BLUR, “CHEMICAL WORLD” – DWIGHT CLARKE (1993).  The hubbub over #normcore and its roots in early ’90s normalcy has got me thinking about a lot of things, mostly whether or not unwashed raw denim is actually better than stone-washed denim.  After much research I’ve discovered that: (1.) Damon Albarn is the dreamiest boy ever; (2.) Damon Albarn always wears stone-washed jeans; (3.) Damon Albarn is dreamy in part because he wears stone-washed jeans; therefore (4.) stone-washed denim is better than raw denim.  “Chemical World” is but one fine example of these results – pretty much any video from Blur’s Britpop phase will provide further proof that faded straight leg jeans are the key to success, beauty, and happiness (even Graham Coxon is having a good time in his).  This has me rethinking everything I’ve ever believed in life, including how I feel about piercing my ears and wearing chokers.


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