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TINASHE FEAT. SCHOOLBOY Q, “2 ON” – HANNAH LUX DAVIS.  “Getting faded” and “turning up bruh” never seemed like hand-in-hand activities to me, but here we are with an appropriately catatonic beat alongside a Hannah Lux Davis video featuring the most vigorous hip hop dance moves since “Step Up 4.”  Tinashe’s closest spiritual forebear is early Ciara, and “2 On” plays in more ways than one like a ten-years-later update of “1, 2 Step.”  Times have changed, though: “1, 2 Step” has an air of third-wave empowerment to its anesthetized lull; Ciara’s fine with self-objectification, but she doesn’t crack a smile once.  Jazzy Phizal’s productshizzle is a little bit scary, and Ciara uses that aggression to make lines like “goodies make the boys jump on it” almost predatory.  DJ Mustard’s beat for “2 On” is similarly eerie, but Tinashe doesn’t ride it so much as let it roll over her and take her.  She smiles, she dances (she actually dances), she lets boys lick frosting off her stomach as she sings about “drinks that be too strong” and “tree that be too way too strong.”  When Missy Elliot shows up in “1, 2 Step” and Petey Pablo shows up in “Goodies,” Ciara doesn’t blink and matches their imperialistic presences with her #fierce abs-based dance moves.  When Schoolboy Q pops into “2 On” and starts going on about “pussy on my pinky ring,” Tinashe sort of giggles and takes off her shirt.  It’s nasty and evil and kind of uncomfortable, but it oddly enough comes across as 2014 normal.  Self-anesthesia and back-up dancers ought not go together, but to Tinashe and friends they seem altogether natural.


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