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ST. VINCENT, “ACTOR OUT OF WORK” – TERRI TIMELY (2009).   One of the many reasons why St. Vincent works is that Annie Clark is so unabashedly into herself.  Pride and vanity are not permissible virtues in the world of independent art rock, and it’s relatively rare to see musicians allowing their faces onto album covers, much less showing up in their own videos.  This is part of why a lot of people find indie rock insanely boring, and it’s most of the reason why a vast majority of weird, lyrical, semi-abstract indie videos – despite all the creativity, etc. that goes into them – are very much forgettable.  But St. Vincent, thankfully, DGAFs all that – she shreds guitar solos, she eschews lyrical humility, and she brands herself admirably; nowhere better, maybe, than in 2009’s “Actor Out Of Work.”  Terri Timely’s clip shows Clark for what she is – a totally awesome DGAFing rock star – and depicts her doing what totally awesome rock stars do – exuding totally awesome DGAF-ness that makes respectable people break down and cry.  The complete lack of sympathy in her head shake as the Brendan Frasier-looking guy bursts into tears does as much for her self-glorification as her crazy guitar solo at the end of “Strange Mercy’s” “Surgeon.”  It was never just about the music, and indie music would do itself a favor if it learned a thing or two from one of its best and stopped pretending otherwise.



  1. this is one of my favorite songs

  2. […] As the tormented housewife in the “Cruel” video, or the mean casting director of “Actor Out Of Work,” or the massive statue of a woman in “Cheerleader,” Annie Clark has always put on faces […]

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