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SKRILLEX FT. RAGGA TWINS, “RAGGA BOMB” – TERENCE NEALE.  I am often told by People Who Listen To Electronic Music that Skrillex is “not real EDM;” “boring and generic;” “for stupid people.”  I suppose I’m missing an entire history of a rich and complicated genre, but I fail to understand what’s the big problem.  Skrillex (whose real name is Sonny Moore, which is almost as adorable as his haircut) builds weird ugly noises up to insanely satisfying climaxes and then “drops the bass,” which almost always succeeds in making me “want to put my hands up.”  I’m not “kinda over” this and sort of immensely enjoy it, as do most other stupid people, I guess, as Sonny sells lots of records, plays giant festivals, hangs out with A$AP Mob, and sometimes dates Ellie Goulding.  I don’t know why people who are into dance music are so adamantly against music that makes a lot of people want to dance, but I’m not going to argue with what I don’t understand.  So: Skrillex sucks, “Ragga Bomb” sucks, and its new video – directed by Terence Neale and filmed in the slums of Johansburg and and Alexandra – is idiotic, exploits underprivileged cultures, lacks creative or impressive dance performances, and does not end in an “authentic” light saber fight.


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