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PUFF DADDY FT. RICK ROSS, “BIG HOMIE” – JAY RODRIGUEZ, ROCK DAVIS.  You know you’ve made it when when you’re a 44-year-old rapper who hasn’t put out a memorable track in ten years but can still manage to get half the hip-hop universe to turn up for your spectacularly low-concept music video.  Credit it to fame, economic power, or remarkable social skills – Sean Combs-who-is-Puff Daddy-again (thank goodness) proves that all you need to make a great video is lots of friends and a bit of self confidence.  If nothing else, “Big Homie” hosts one of the best “who’s who” music video games of all time (of all time!), and I leave it to people with better facial recognition skills than me to write the answer sheet.  Notable – A$AP Rocky bowing in tribute; homosocial partying (plus honorary bro Ashanti); French Montana’s awe-struck grin; Sean Combs proving, with toothpicks and fur coats, that he is still sort of relevant despite his old age and complete irrelevance.  “Don’t be afraid to get old, man; you may learn some shit.”


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