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APHEX TWIN, “COME TO DADDY” – CHRIS CUNNINGHAM (1997).  Thinking more about Skrillex and his relative worth as a cultural artifact.  I imagine one of the reasons many EDM fans have problems with the agro bro-step movement is the clear debt it owes to 1990s IDM/eletronica/hardhouse?/whatever (genre Nazis sound off).  Watching Chris Cunningham’s classic video for Aphex Twin’s “Come To Daddy” (the relatively underrated prequel, sort of, to the far less good “Windowlicker”) makes this particularly clear, especially when viewed side-by-side with Tony T. Datis’s clip for Skrillex’s “First of the Year (Equinox).”  Beyond the similarities between the songs themselves (scary electronic noise w/ distorted scream inserts and occasional pretty interludes), the videos have some remarkable ontological similarities: grey days in slummy alleys; bespectacled people walking down said alleys; cute children lurking in said alleys who turn out to be demons (or maybe just Richard David James); horrible things happening to bespectacled people by means of demons/Richard David Jameses/children.  “Come To Daddy” could have happened on the same day as “First of the Year” in the same city, just a few slummy alleys away.  Maybe the whole bummer metropolitan area was purged of people with vision problems, some sort of Khmer-Rouge-via-Ministry-of-Magic-hiring-Dementors-esque state-sponsored anti-disability demon-catered genocide.  Or maybe Skrillex is just Aphex Twin for stupid people.  But “Come To Daddy,” as good as it is, does not “drop the bass” or make me “want to put my hands up.”  So I’ma have to go with the stupid people and back up my boy Sonny.


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