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KYLA LA GRANGE, “THE KNIFE” – DE LA MUERTE.  This is up-and-comer Kyla La Grange’s second Día de los Muertos-y clip with directing duo De La Muerte (Elizabeth Adams and Deborah Scanlan), and as more-of-the-same goes it’s pretty darn good.  Kyla’s cool enough to sell it on her own, but note the crucial star-building moves that De La Muerte employ to make her look like a bigger deal than she is.  Both “The Knife” and “Cut Your Teeth” feature headliner performances in occult underground clubs; both make good use of faceless back-up dancers; and, most importantly, both devote a substantial amount of camera time to confused, awestruck spectators.  In this case it’s two bros who stumble into an evil seapunk club and stare in adoring confusion at the otherworldly spectacle before them.  Kyla’s performance is important, but it’s those two bros’ performances that make this video work.  Without them (or without the innocent girl with her puppy in “Cut Your Teeth”), Kyla’s presence would fall apart.  Because you’re those two bros.  Their perspective puts yours in context.  You stumbled across this video, you don’t know anything about this lady, you’re kind of weirded out, but you’re pretty sure that you’re in love and that she’s about to be a star.  Team Kyla is confident about it, anyway – and at this point, that’s all that matters.  Real star power comes later – for the moment all she needs to do is convince you to run with it.


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