WARPAINT x LABAN PHEIDIAS | “Disco/ /Very – Keep It Healthy”

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 10.39.28 AM

WARPAINT, “DISCO/ /VERY – KEEP IT HEALTHY” – LABAN PHEIDIAS.  “Disco/ /Very – Keep It Healthy” shines a light on the pains of being a buzz band without much buzz – Laban Pheidias’s double video is an extended attempt to convince You, Viewer that Warpaint are actually as cool as their promo team tells you they are.  The result is kind of awkward.  There are many wonderful reasons for producing an eight-minute video – you are an epic band that requires epic, narrative dreamscapes; you are an endlessly entertaining star who can make every excessive minute of your presence worthwhile; you are Drake.  Warpaint are none of these things.  “Disco/ /Very – Keep It Healthy” features Emily Kokal et. al dancing down an L.A. street with Pheidias doing okay skate tricks behind them.  They dance, sing, sort of strip, have pink hair.  Then it cuts to the night at a skate park; the boys take over and Warpaint sit on the sidelines like skater bitties and giggle.  Nothing here is worth more than three minutes.  Most of it would work if Warpaint were a young band, but the fact that they’re over 30 and supposedly serious makes the teenage free-spirited vibe hard to watch.  The soporific music and kiddie-agro lyrical pairing doesn’t help (“we’ll rip you up and tear you in two!”).  Pheidias’s video relies on two assumptions – that Warpaint are awesome/fun/hot enough to grab you’re attention, and that he’s good enough at skateboarding to hold it for eight more minutes.  Neither are true.


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