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RATKING, “CANAL” – ERIC K. YUE.  Not that New York needs any more music video loves songs – but thumbs up to Ratking and Eric K. Yue for eschewing landmarks and putting all the “look where I am!” posing in relatively unfamiliar, not-that-hip Chinatown.  Too many musicians do their rotating arms-out shot in Times Square, a place that even people who have never been to New York know is super not cool; Yue puts Hak in a soccer field on the southern end of the Lower East Side with nothing behind him but projects and B-grade dumpling shops.  He looks just as King Of the World there as Cat Power out the top of her Midtown taxi.  Sam Wolfson says in today’s “Guardian” write-up that Ratking are “based in New York, but their sound is Nowhere, The World.”  That’s not quite right – Ratking are from Nowhere, New York, and they’re proud of it.


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