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CHILDISH GAMBINO FT. PROBLEM, “SWEATPANTS” – HIRO MURAI.  Donald Glover has gotten increasingly tolerable with age – he’s found producers that overwhelm his cleverness and a flow that summons something not unlike swag.  “Sweatpants,” his second “Because The Internet” video with Hiro Murai, solidifies his “maybe this guy is okay” status.  The credit goes more to Murai than Glover – like “3005,” his camera and prop scenery (teddy bears, lots of Danny Glovers) do more to captures Glover’s paranoid self-absorption than Glover’s performance itself.  All Glover has to do is stare dead-eyed forward and rap.  He does that admirably, though – much better than his actorly over-performance in 2011’s #controversial “Bonfire.”  If he keeps this up – and if he sticks with on-fire directors like Murai – we could end up stuck with Danny Glover to 3005 and beyond, and it might not be that bad a thing.


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