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CALVIN HARRIS FT. TINIE TEMPEH, “DRINKING FROM THE BOTTLE” – VINCENT HAYCOCK & AG ROJAS (2012).  Vincent Haycock has been announced as the director for the upcoming video for Lana Del Rey’s new single “West Coast.”  This is sort of awkward: I have near-absolute faith in the former Lizzy Grant’s artistic decisions and fully expect the “West Coast” video to be one of the best of 2014, but I  recently spent 750 words or so railing on the very style of video that Haycock helped invent.  I blamed Emil Nava for birthing the submissive-transcendent EDM video form last Wednesday, but credit should really go to Calvin Harris’s other long-time video collaborator, Haycock.   Their most prominent video pairings have featured all of the annoying traits of inspirational EDM videos: messy relationships, international locales, Calvin Harris on a stage in front of a lot of put-up hands.  On paper this shouldn’t give me very high hopes for “West Coast,” but Lana has a habit of a.) getting pure gold out of otherwise conventional directors and b.) turning things I vehemently hate into high art – so, maybe the collaboration will turn the unpleasantly cringe-worthy feeling I get from “Thinking About You” into the gloriously cringe-worthy feeling I get from “Ride.”  With any luck it will be along the same lines as 2012’s “Drinking From The Bottle,” co-directed with AG Rojas and starring Tinie Tempeh and that dude who ruined Rohan in LOTR2.  “Drinking From The Bottle” comes out of the same L.A. head space as “Tropico,” at any rate – Miltonian metaphysics, Hollywood scumminess, lots of gnarly twerking.  If Haycock can make something this nasty with a twosome as lame as Tempeh and Harris, I can only imagine what he’ll be able to do with Lana.


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