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PARQUET COURTS, “SUNBATHING ANIMAL” – ANDY CAPPER & ANDREW SAVAGE.  “Sunbathing Animal” is another bizarre entry in Andy Capper’s stunningly diverse catalog (A$AP Mob with coke pentacles and strippers; Snoop Lion with weed; Black Lips with fireworks and guitars).  Somehow it works.  Not much gets at the spirit of Parquet Courts’ enthusiastic laziness better than a single frame shot of a cat scratching at a ratty sofa to post-Pavement hardcore.  Cats aren’t slackers, and neither are the Savage brothers and friends – a lot more goes into lazy wasted days than wasted lazing around, as any Parquet Courts track (and any Youtube cat video) can reveal to you in about two seconds.  I don’t know what gets at the violence behind lack of movement better: a line like, “I’ve hung out at your service jobs / I’ve watched you, waited, be ignored / bled into the clatter as they sipped at what you poured,” or a cat doing a flip off a window sill to pounce at nothing at all.  The two go hand in hand, and the appearance of Andrew Savage rocking out in the mirror in the video’s final seconds sums it all up – nothing at all alone is quite a whole lot.


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