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YOUNG MONEY, “SENILE” – COLIN TILLEY.  I am in a perpetual state of resigned awe over how weird hip hop has let itself become in the past few years.  A lot of that weirdness you can credit to 2008/2009 Young Money (back when references to Orville Redenbacher were something newsworthy), but compare the video for “Bed Rock” to “Senile.”  We’ve come a long way.  Or, arguably, not – Colin Tilley’s weirdness looks a whole lot like the ’90s Spike Jonze-influenced weirdness of early Eminem videos.  But it’s great news for everyone that rappers who used to be too guards-up to do anything but pose in front of Video Hos and cars are now down to say grace around the dinner table with sunburnt rednecks.  Nicki’s “new” look is a blessing and a relief that continues to give the world hope that “The Pink Print” will be the second coming of “Under Construction” or “The Notorious K.I.M.” or whatever reductive gender comparison you want to make for it.  Lil Wayne is settling into his “I’m lazy, DGAF, and want to retire” role with remarkable vigor.  There are too many moments to point out individually; it’s sort of 100% pure gold.

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