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THE 1975, “ROBBERS” – TIM MATTIA.  Have you seen pictures of the real Bonnie and Clyde?  They were not very good looking.  Have you read the Wikipedia about the real Bonnie and Clyde?  Their lives were unpleasant and in the end they got shot very many times until they died.  Have you ever been shot very many times until you died?  Most likely not but I bet it’s gross.  It’s fun to romanticize unpleasant things once or twice, but the Depression Era press and Faye Dunaway already did it for us so we might as well drop it (’03 Jay and Bey, you get a pass).  How many more times will this emotional mess get forced on me before I die?  Is coke-fueled getting-shot-in-the-gut-at-a-conveience-store the only act of “us against the world” left in a post-morality existence?  I understand the appeal of dying for love, but Kit Carruthers was a sociopath and Sid killed Nancy.  Matthew Healy (the dude in The 1975) is certainly dreamy, but I think he’s more into rocking out and doing his hair than loving his girl.  Tim Mattia deserves credit for making “Robbers” look “We Found Love”-level unpleasant, but the emotional return of the chorus post-gunshot leaves things cold.  Or not cold enough, I guess.  When you are a drug-addict who robs convenience stores and does your hair for a living and you get shot in the gut and bleed to death in the back of a van, you don’t get a musical coda.  You die.  Love is real but getting shot in the gut sucks.


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