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TIESTO FT. MATTHEW KOMA, “WASTED” – TABITHA DENHOLM.  My confused and hypocritical stance on EDM music is getting more complicated.  This video is easy enough to enjoy – pretty girls, having fun, with great hair – but I’ve found myself actually putting on the song and listening to it by itself.  This doesn’t make sense to me and is worth looking into.  Why does Calvin Harris make me nauseous, but this song – equally sexual, equally pro-alcohol abuse, equally Marxist-transcendent – make me sort of giddy?  There’s a fine line here (there must be a line – AFFIRM ALL BINARIES) but it’s hard to track down.  It’s not just EDM singles – it’s the “Video Phone”/”Telephone” line, the “Die Young”/”Tik Tok” line, the Madonna in 1989/Madonna in 1992 line.  There’s something okay to me about a lyric like “I like us better when we’re wasted/It makes it easier to say” but not okay about “I feel so close to you right now/It’s a force field.”  Maybe it’s the difference between what, in a lecture earlier this year, traddy-con hero Anthony Esolen called “a good, full-bodied sin” vs. debauchery disguised as moral transcendence (the reason lust is a few circles higher in Hell than graft and hypocrisy).  “Wasted” embodies a messy sort of community that seems to be at least partially founded in love (or, at least, genuine human contact).  “Thinking About You” arguably does the same thing, but it makes that mess seem Important – as if dance-based love is actually the revelation of universal meaning or something, and not just gnarly and sweaty and covered in half-spilled rum drinks.  It strips the silliness from wasted dancing and explains it away with some Ayn Rand-level basic philosophy that leads to self-serious EDM academics making asses of themselves in Merlin Bronques videos.  This mentality is so antithetical to what intoxicants and dancing mean to me that it makes me want to die every time I hear it.  If you’re going to damn yrself on the dancefloor, at least be upfront about it – keep it filthy (Skrillex, Lil Jon, Suicidal Tendencies) or keep it dumb (Tiësto, Soulja Boy, Suicidal Tendencies).  That’s what Tabith Denholm gets right here: girls with beehives getting smashed together and slamming cakes in each others’ faces is stupid, but that’s alright.


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