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ACT I – bedroom

KRISTIAN: How are you doing, Adrian?

ADRIAN: I am doing alright.  I am experiencing a conflict with my lover of several years.

KRISTIAN: Oh?  How is that?

ADRIAN: It is quite graceful.  My soul is shattered and my heartstrings are torn.

KRISTIAN: How graceful, yes – I have experienced this too.

ADRIAN: Yes.  I am thankful that you are here for me, would you like to hear more?

KRISTIAN: If you would like to tell it.

ADRIAN: I have never felt worse pain.

KRISTIAN: Is that so?


KRISTIAN: How truculent.

ADRIAN: Indeed.  May I offer you a glass of orange juice?

ACT II – bedroom

ADRIAN: This relationship is proving to be emotionally depleting, dear; each time I see you I feel as if I will surely die for anguish and pain.  What say you we put up our swords and turn away now from this agonizing love?

LOVER: Yes, Adrian my love.  I agree – it has been most difficult, and indeed, I’m positively on the verge of taking my own life.  I think it would be best for us to forget the past and call a truce.

ADRIAN: Indeed!  Though my heart tears in two every time I look upon your face, and the very thought of you drives me to a violent frenzy and suicidal rage – you look positively ravishing, by the way, my dear – it seems preferable for us to part.

LOVER: Indeed!  I weep for you, Adrian, but I dare not become truculent.

ADRIAN: I should hope not.  Good day, heart.  You shall never know the darkness that seeps from my soul in your absence.

LOVER: About this you are right.  Do write, my dear. Adieu!

ACT III – the desert

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ADRIAN (aside): I am upset.

ACT IV – Mayhem club

ADRIAN: (in verse): Step aside / take precautions / gracefully stay out of conflict / oh well, I tried to mend fences / you truculently kick holes in them / and when I hold out my hand / you leave it there untouched

LOKE (to Elias): Adrian seems truculent.

ELIAS: I find him quite graceful.

LOKE: I wonder if he has broken up with his ravishing darling.

ELIAS: Perhaps they faced fire.  Does your face know?

ADRIAN: The tensions tearing at your heartstrings running under your skin / but oh, darling / you look ravishing / let’s call a truce on this occasion.

LOKE: Some things rot like something’s some time is up.

ACT V – sitting room

KRISTIAN: Alas poor Adrian, I knew him well.

SIMON: A shame that his truculently outlived his ravishing.


ADRIAN: Hello, friends.  Can I offer you some orange juice?

KRISTIAN: Hello, Adrian.  We suspected your demise.

ADRIAN: No.  I have mended a fence and called a truce.

KRISTIAN: How graceful.


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