YOUNG CAHKS | ibid., “925” x lkm // ***premiere***

We are “pleased to announce” our premiere music video premiere, a clip for late-of-Los-Feliz-Yacht-Club 1%mujahid ibid. by our frenemy Landon Koenig-Muenster.  “925” is the first track off January’s “Vocation” EP series, and the video features many things we like but the bad version – skunks, but dead; pizza, but from L.A.; bathtubs, but with gnarly black stuff in them (which is a step up from goo at least, but probably a step down from glitter).  Watch and share and make us all viral superstars.




  1. a pizza me will forever be in this video

  2. Nice one with the “sterling silver” tag.

  3. […] make and b”tb”t tells me he actually enjoyed it, so that’s cool.  I also made a music video with my pal LKM.  There was a dead skunk in […]

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