WORST NEW TRACK | father john misty, “bored in the usa” (sub pop)


There was a Father John Misty song on the playlist of this place I interned at once.  Or like, I looked at the playlist once and saw that the name Father John Misty was on it.  I don’t remember what the song sounded like.  I have no idea who Father John Misty is.  This girl I kind of had a crush and I were talking about independent music and I asked her if she had heard of Father John Misty.  She said no and I said, oh, I think you’d like him.  I don’t know why I said that now and I really regret it.  It was a great moment of weakness.

I knowingly listened to a Father John Misty song today.   “Bored In The USA?”   More like, “bored by songs that aren’t ‘Born In The USA.'”   More like, “bored in the Father John Misty.”  More like, “bored of the Clash song where they say ‘bored in the USA’ and also bored of this song.”  More like, “bored rn b/c I am listening to a song that is called ‘Bored In The USA’ by Father John Misty who is a band/human that a girl I sort of had a crush on once hadn’t heard of and probably wouldn’t like because she wasn’t boring and that’s why I sort of had a crush on her and I’m so sorry cool-not-boring-girl-who-I-sort-of-still-have-a-crush-on b/c I might have in some small way contributed to your listening to this song and therefore your being bored rn and that sucks for everyone except for Father John Misty but he is bored too so this is just the worst.”


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  1. H. Munster · · Reply

    This is awful music. Droning and boring, drawn out uninspired sensitive boyman music… truly hipster gray water. Throw it out.

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