Welcome to the new version of OK WEEK, where we post staff picks for some fun activities in the coolest cities in the country.  Unfortunately staff writer gallons, representing the extremely lame city Seattle, was the only one who submitted anything, so here’s an all-Seattle OK WEEK OF 11/10/14.  Hopefully you don’t live in Seattle and this is totally irrelevant to you.  If you do live in Seattle then that sucks. 


Fernet Monday
Just you wait, world. Now that bourbon’s about to go extinct, Fernet’s about to be the next big fuckin’ awesome international booze explosion thing, right up there with white dog and aquavit, and Seattle is going to be at the forefront of the revolution. Just you wait…
@ Tommy Gun
1703 E Olive Way
Monday $5 Fernet shots
M.C. Escher: Selected Prints
Is Escher overrated? Probably. Is he also one of the most frequently referenced artists in the whole of art/film/music and their criticism? Yes. Should you thus take this opportunity to see a few of his tessellations for free, if only so you can make up your own damn mind about that first question, “Is Escher overrated?”?
(SEE WHAT I DID THERE?! Incepted.)
@ Davidson Galleries
313 Occidental Ave S.
Seattle Beckett Fest has been under way all over town since August, and finishes up at the end of this month. There’ve been performances, adaptations, spin-offs, films, photos, and lectures about the greatest Irish writer not named James Joyce. You’ve already missed “Waiting For Godot”, but you can still catch “Endgame” as produced by Ghost Light Theatricals, coupled with the cast-generated rebuttal “NDGM” by Blood Ensemble.
@ The Seattle Underground
2220 NW Market St., Lower Level
Thursday-Saturday 7:30 $20
Any time you have the chance to hear music played acoustically in a cathedral, you should take it, especially if that music is being made by PNW mainstay Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn, whose newest record, this year’s “Changing Light,” was characteristically gorgeous and well-suited to being what you want to hear any time you have the chance to hear music played acoustically in a cathedral.
(SEE WHAT I DID THERE?! Eschered.)
@ St. Mark’s Cathedral
1245 10th Ave. E
Friday 8:00 $15


  1. Apparently all the other “cool” cities we represent had nothing cool going on this week. They must be too rad for excitement and fun.

    1. benthebest · · Reply

      to be fair we are in the midst of #superstormastro in the twin cities rn so fun is kind of taking the back burner to survival

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