WORST NEW TRACK | migos, “hit em”


I listened to a mixtape this weekend.  Actually, I listen to all the mixtapes.  I like to keep up on the mixtape game because it’s actually where everything cool is happening in hip hop.  Hey quick question tho – do you put a space in mixtape, like “mix tape?”  Or do you spell it like I spell it, just “mixtape?”  Or do you use a hyphen?  Just curious.  Anyway, I love mixtapes.  I’m not hood at all.  But I like to keep up with what’s popping there.  Just because it’s interesting.  So I listened to a mixtape this weekend to do that.  It was by Migos, who invented that choppy flow that every rapper who also listens to mixtapes (i.e. all of the rappers, because, duh) uses, like fellow rapper from Atlanta Yung Thug, and the other members of Migos.  The biggest song on that mixtape that I listened to in my opinion was “Hit Em,” which is about hitting someone and gets at Migos’s manic energy very well, especially their flow, which is choppy and the reason that everyone raps like that flow now on mixtapes.  I actually liked Quavo’s verse the best.  This is going to be a pretty influential mixtape.  Or at least a touchstone of the times of choppy flow on mixtapes.  Other mixtapes, like 2014’s version of “Da Drought 3” or at least tracks that will eventually be this winter’s what “Lemonade” was to summer 2009 will be like this mixtape/track.


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