WORST NEW TRACK | azealia banks, “ice princess”

As the resident 1%JIHAD woman, it is finally time for me to make my debut by criticizing another woman – Azealia Banks and her new track, “Ice Princess.”  I was totally ready to hate this song, but it is actually sweet and kind of inspirational.  The video is really fun!  Some themes I picked up on were Harriet the Spy thrusting her upper body and lots of people crying.  The plot of the video is on the impressionistic side, but from what I could piece together – first Joan Cusack watches Harriet skate around in a scenic-yet-impoverished locale (perhaps an allegory for the slippery situation of the American working class?), a tiny Hayden Panettiere and Samantha from “Sex and the City” appear and are probably the bad guys because they are the most Aryan-looking, and then Harriet the Spy finally wins them over but at the price of ending up in some sort of Violet Beauregarde situation.

The abrupt sound cutoff at the end is a bold choice, but by the time I got there Azealia had already convinced me that she knows what she’s doing, so I was into it.  I appreciate an artist who is willing to experiment. Overall, it is certainly not a club anthem à la “212,” but it has made me excited to see what Azealia throws at us next.


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  1. […] of someone like Azealia Banks (who has been feuding with Nicki since forever and whom, contrary to previous posts, I love), this song is truly meh.  I would dance to it drunk at a bar.  I would not do much else […]

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