WORST NEW TRACK | parkay quarts, “content nausea” (what’s your rupture?)


Okay.  This is actually a pretty good song.  Like, I enjoy the giddy guitar strumming, and then the drum roll thing that kicks in, that’s pretty cool, too.  It loses me a bit when that fiddle comes in sounding like a dying whale on helium, but other than that, solid stuff.  The lyrics are super ch1ll, the dude makes some good points about post-modern tedium and the overwhelming nature of our day-to-day existences in the technosphere.  His delivery is fun, it’s almost like he could be the rapping grandson of Allen Ginsberg or something.

But here’s the thing – this shit sounds *exactly* like Parquet Courts.  Like, at first I gave these guys the benefit of the doubt and assumed they had never heard that band – Parquet Courts aren’t really THAT big – and somehow managed to arrive at the same exact sound, with the same weird dull voice thing, and the same simplistic guitar stuff, like fucking *exactly,* right on the nose.

But then I noticed their name and realized that “Content Nausea” was in fact just a cut-and-dry case of blatant plagiarism.  For shame, Parkay Quarts, for shame.


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  1. […] COURTS, PC WORSHIP – Brooklyn-based indie rock band that sounds a lot like Pavement and Parkay Quarts.  I got my shit together for once and got tickets before they sold out, so you might even run into […]

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