OKAY WEEK | 11/17

A weekly round-up of the coolest things to do in the three best cities in the country and Seattle.

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TWIN CITIES [btbt31]

MONDAY, 11/17 – Anyone who knows anything knows that Monday night at The Tangiers is the hidden gem of partying in the Twin Cities.  Just trust me and check it out.

TUESDAY, 11/18 – Cheap Ass College Night at the Pourhouse.  $7 cups, free refills.  Need more info?  Get the fuck turnt up on a Tuesday.

WEDNESDAY, 11/19 – Are you seriously going to be anywhere other than Sneaky’s on a Wednesay?  Like seriously?  Come on.

THURSDAY, 11/20 – Thursdays have gotten pretty chill lately which is IMHO pretty lame.  If there’s one place in the Twin Cities that’s always dtp though it’s the Myth.  House DJs playing all night and cover is $10 as always.  Get it.

FRIDAY, 11/21 – I like to go hard on Fridays, not sure about you.  And how can you go harder than Carnage PARENTAL ADVISORY tour stop at the Skyway?  Tickets are $25 but this is one party that’s honestly worth it.

SATURDAY, 11/22 – There is literally no chance in the world that I’m going to miss the Current’s REAL FUN on a Saturday night at First Ave.  No chance.  $5 cover.


SEATTLE [gallons]

FKA twigs, w/ BOOTSFKA twigs is one of the more exciting artists working right now – her approach to the bodily and the sexual is more nuanced, aggressive, disturbing, and deranged than pretty much anyone else out there right now.  Her live show promises to be something of a spectacle, as twigs got her start dancing in other people’s music videos.  She choreographs her own moves, and executes them with grotesque precision.  The music seems almost incomplete without the visual component.  All that said, this show is sold out, so I’m only writing about it here to ask WHO WANTS TO SELL ME THEIR TICKETS?!

@ The Showbox.  1426 1st Ave.  Tuesday 9:00 pm.  $25.

DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979, w/ BIBLICALThe 2011 reunion of DFA1979 was one of the most exciting moments I can remember.  Their 2004 record “You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine” remains one of my favorite recordings of furious assault – frenzied, spastic, simultaneously terrifying and incredibly sexy.  This year’s follow-up, “The Physical World” is much less good, but DFA1979 are still a prodigious live act, and the chance to see them in an intimate venue like Neumos should not be passed up.  All that said, this show is also sold out, so I’m only writing about it here to ask WHO WANTS TO SELL ME THEIR TICKETS?!

@ Neumos.  925 E Pike St.  Wednesday 8:00 pm.  $28.50.

SURVEILLANCE & PRIVACY: ART, LAW, AND SOCIAL PRACTICEA three-day symposium on how fucked up Western society has become in the age of drones and Tor and NSA hacking, with a special emphasis on the way the surveillance state has impacted art.  There will be discussion of the Henry’s interactive video installation “Sanctum,” and talks by Mark Rotenberg and Edward A. Shanken.  Not for the paranoid or the high on LSD.

@ The Henry Art Gallery.  15th Ave. NE & NE 41st St.  Thursday-Saturday.  FREE.

ROOSEVELT LINK PUBLIC ART DISCUSSIONI live directly across the street from a massive green construction wall with an indescribably more massive red crane behind it.  The site in question is for Sound Transit’s Roosevelt light rail station, which is scheduled to be completed in 2021 but will probably not be done for at least another seven years beyond that.  Apparently they already know about the shitty public art that’s going in the station, and they’ve invited the artists to Roosevelt High to talk about it.  I urge you all to come express your dissent for this piece, and for public art in general, which is utterly terrible about 95% of the time.  This is, after all, the light rail station I’ll be using when I’m 47.

@ Roosevelt High School Library.  1410 NE 66th St.  Thursday 7:00 pm.  FREE.

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BROOKLYN [bartleby]

There is nothing happening in Brooklyn this week.



BLAZERS are playing Justin Timberlake on Thursday at home.

TIMBERS season starting up in about three months – get amped, guys!


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