YOUNG CAHKS | ibid., “catarrh” + *exclusive interview*

catarrh front

1% JIHAD staff favorite ibid. has just released a stark, dissolute, dessicated new record called “Catarrh.”  It sounds like it was easy to record, but is very hard to listen to.  Composed of nothing but a baritone guitar and an unwarmed voice, it will make a great Christmas present for your mom – if she’s a wino with an inferiority complex.

Our very own intrepid reporter gallons caught up with ibid. for an *exclusive* *interview* about the new record.

GALLONS – So, why does this new album sound so bad?  The guitar is sloppy, your voice breaks halfway through – What’s the deal?

ibid. – I plan everything that I do to be made in a certain way that will fit the entire project.  In this case, I wrote the music quickly, and I wanted to record it even more quickly.  So I decided to do the whole thing in one take on one mic.  Also it was very cold in my garage and my vocal cords and fingers were unhappy.

G – The lyrics are pretty heavy and self-deprecating.  As a fan, I have to ask – are you okay?

ibid. – Yes.  Most of these lyrics were written about a year ago, which was a pretty bad time.  I was living in Los Angeles, so, you know – [trails off].

G – That’ll do it!  So, you’ve told me in confidence that “Catarrh” might be the last thing you put out for a while.  What’s up with that?

ibid. – I’ve just got a lot of stuff I want to do right now.  There might be an ibid. covers EP in the new year, but other than that I’m trying to get an actual band together.  It’s going to be called Adult Mauling and will feature me along with two drummers.  I’ve started writing songs for the first album.  I’m also starting to lay the groundwork for a record label, which will be called records, plural.

G – That’s all very exciting.  I know you have to run, busy man that you are, but one last question – How do you pronounce “Catarrh” and what does it mean?

ibid. – “cut – ARE.” It’s excess phlegm in the nose and throat.  I’m a very [hacking cough] phlegmy person.

G – Don’t I know it.



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