WORST NEW TRACK | petite noir, “chess” (domino)


What does “2014” **sound** like?


Petite Noir – transcending gender disagreement.  Small feminine male and also dark.  Threatening but not threatening.  Stuff going on in layers.


“Come back to my fingers.”  As if we ever left.  “Tell me now.”  As if we never said it.  His voice is different in every range like it **defines** that range.  “2014.”  Section, “the meaning of indie in.”  Yeah, that’s right.

Swelling to the end but what is the end?  Like on that TV On The Radio track, who are also noir (black).  Post-racial, but totally not?  Yeah.


Amped like dubstep.  Tripped like triphop.  We goin hard like yr parent’s went soft.  Love is complicated.  #nocheckers.  2014 is complicated.  #Ferguson.  Crazy that this came out the same day as several days after the Wilson indictment announcement.  Because Africa.  SOUTH Africa.  (The American South?  Missouri?  What’s the connection there?)

2014.  Love.  Now.  Race.  Gender agreement.  The overwhelming conflict between this and the object of my condemnation.  Moving forward.



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