WORST NEW TRACK | the soft moon, “black” (captured tracks)

Lets talk about black.  I mean, like, darkness.  I mean, like, the darkside of the moon.  But not Pink Floyd, you know?  But there is a moon.  This time it’s soft though.  Which makes sense because, you know, synthesizers.  So.  Recap.  Black, but like soft-side of the moon black because synthesizers.  Black is also, like, hard though.  Like obsidian.  A stone, you know.  Or maybe that stuff that kills white-walkers in GOT.  I can’t remember. Black is also pretty much the perfect color for “post-punk, no-fi industrial, coldwave, noise,” which is totally a legitimate way of describing how music sounds and not just a way to crap out a 150 word review of a song you sort of liked.

Seriously.  What the hell.  No one has ever said the words “coldwave” out loud, unless they were referring to the polar vortex.



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