MLS CUP PREVIEW | landon donovan’s receding hairline v. jermaine jones’s dreadlocks

Both superstars have superstar haircuts but only one can win the MLS Cup.


How many goals have I scored?  Seriously – think we would have dropped the hair thing by now.  Oh well, okay, so, the hair.  Yeah it takes a lot of prep-work.  I pretty much get the strongest hair gel I can find and just go to town.  It takes a lot to get this sheen.  Every morning, you know, after a long walk on the beach with the dogs – God I love L.A. – I just get home and work up a good lather in the shower.  You know something, when Beckham was in town everyone just focused on his hair and that was fine with me.  Like, let my game speak for itself.  Is there a better U.S. Soccer moment then my last second goal vs. Algeria?  It was my best moment.  It was our best moment . . . and I’m passed all of those . . . I feel hollow inside.  Does the game even make me happy anymore?  What’s the point?  Not, like, the point right now.  I mean, like, in general.  Like the bigger POINT.  Like life, you know?  I feel like something is receding.  Like a tide.  Yeah, receding like a tide on L.A.’s golden beaches.  It’s beautiful and sad all at once, isn’t it . . . I’m sorry what were we talking about?


Beauty pt. 1 – aggression.

Beauty pt. 2 – seasons.

Beauty pt. 3  – elegance.

Who is this Landon Donovan again?


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