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Once upon a time, the greatest actor to ever walk the Earth was born in the far away land of Lebanon.  After fighting through myriad trials on the wild islands of the Pacific and over the harsh plains of Canada, he emerged in Hollywood as a shining paragon of everything good in the world that was and will ever be.  Moral, racially ambiguous, kind, powerful, and super chill, Keanu Reeves is everything every human ought to be.  His presence on Earth was an unparalleled blessing.  And this is the secret – once upon a time is now.  Keanu Reeves still lives.

Welcome to the 4th annual Celebration of the Life and Works of Keanu Reeves, a seven-day holiday more important than Christmas in which we honor the glory of Keanu’s life by experiencing the greatest of his many great gifts to humanity – his films.  Every night of this week, across the world, devotees to Keanu Reeves come together to watch the greatest films ever made starring the greatest human who ever lived.  The spectacular out-of-body experience that these viewings bring about are known to strengthen community, reverse depression, cure illness, and reinvigorate the declining moral fiber of the universe.  Everyone is invited, because, in a way, we are all Keanu – filled with infinite potential and understanding but just not quite aware enough to realize it.  Join us, then, on the path to humility, inner strength, and glory.  This is KEANU REEVES WEEK.


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