WORST NEW TRACK | panda bear, “boys latin” [domino]


Oonenay everway aughttay emay atinLay.  Osay Iway eelfay excludedway romfay isthay ewnay andaPay earBay ongsay ecausebay it’sway otnay onlyway inway atinLay, utbay “oysBay atinLay,” ichwhay oundssay ikelay away anguagelay Iway ouldshay owknay, ausecay I’mway away oybay.  Iway on’tday inkthay Ianway ohenCay owsknay atinLay, utbay ehay inksthay ehay ancay itewray intelligentlyway aboutway isthay ongsay ausecay ehay orksway orfay itchforkPay.  Ouyay avehay onay ideaway atwhay isthay ongsay isway aboutway eitherway, ohenCay, admitway itway!


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