WORST NEW TRACK | “nwa” [ft. kurupt] (self-released)


I used to work for a PR company (FULL DISCLOSURE – I used to work for a PR company).  One time I was working the door at a corporate tie-in event that may or may not have been hosted by a famous Los Angeles-based hip hop/reggae musician (FULL DISCLOSURE – it was).  Late into the night, an African American man came to the door.  I asked him if he was on the list.  He said his name was “Corrupt.”  I looked over the list.  His name wasn’t there.  I looked at him and asked – “Is that Corrupt with a C, or Corrupt with a K?”  He replied – “Corrupt with a K – **sometimes.**”  I decided that this devil-may-care attitude about spelling made him real enough to be let in to a corporate event hosted by a famous hip hop/reggae musician, even though his name was not, in fact, on the list.  A few months later I realized that his name wasn’t C/Korrupt, but Kurupt, and that he was Kurupt, the famous Los Angeles-based hip hop musician.

Miguel might have been at that party too.  Idk, that would have been an interesting coincidence.


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