SEATTLE [gallons]

It’s Christmastime, do Christmastime things.  Like getting out of Seattle because you’re not from here and going home to your families.  And giving things to people.  And being better.  And going to Portland.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 1.14.35 AM


Is there like stuff to do during Christmas Week?  What type-uh depravity is that?  Idk, I’m going out of town for the week so I won’t even be here to find out.  Your mother’s probably making dinner and wrapping presents for you.  She’s probably even doing that if you’re Jewish or something.  Go hang out with her, she’s a chill dude.

Portland sign with red-nosed deer.Photos by Torsten Kjellstrand/2011

PORTLAND [also btbt]

I’ma assume that our usual Portland consultant is too lazy / Keanu Reeves high to post anything here, so I’ll fill in for him – he’s in the Twin Cities rn where nothing is happening because it’s Christmas and he’s hanging out with his friends and family and DGAFing re: Portland.  Which, btw, is where Seattle consultant gallons is going to be this week.  And while we’re at that game, I’ll be in the BK area, so hmu BK consultant bartleby?  Except  I bet you’ll probably be in Missouri?


BROOKLYN [bartleby]

There is nothing happening in Brooklyn this week.



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