OK WEEK | 1/5/15 [new year’s resolutions ed.]

Usually when we say there is nothing happening this week it’s because we’re lazy.  But there is literally nothing happening this week anywhere, so instead we’re going to focus on building up the infrastructure for our new year’s resolutions.


create an actual exercise regimen and follow it
become owner of entire Seattle music scene
read more
excise all fat, haters, bad breath
familiarize self with local geography
attend one local “event” each week
“break the conventional”
fall in love with someone who lives within a 20 mile radius of me
work with Steve Albini
go to therapy
have a physical altercation with someone larger than myself
reduce Ian Cohen to a withered shell of a man, lying in a puddle of black tears and spittle
drink less


trust self & subjective experience of the world more
cook more things with vegetables and eat them
write more
be more willing to dance while sober
be more willing to travel sort of long distances (but not unreasonably long, i.e. Queens is fine, Bronx is not) to go to cool shows
find a therapist who doesn’t annoy me
be more patient with people who suck
be more like Kathleen Hanna is all ways, but focus more on being a feminist hero, being fiercely dedicated to creative projects, staying cool while aging & less on marrying a Beastie Boy


have at least one sports team that I like take revenge on another sports team
figure out how to survive on 6 hours of sleep without drinking more coffee
continue to not listen to podcasts
meet one or all of the following: Jalen Rose, James Franco, Lil B, Ricky Rubio, Randall Cunningham, Stephen Curry, the ghost of Flannery O’Connor, Spooky Black, Angela Carter, whatever dark hell Cormac McCarthy resides in and, obvi, T- Swift


wait until the door is unlocked to pull on car door handle


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