WORST NEW TRACK | natalie prass, “my baby don’t understand me” [spacebomb]


“Hey, guys, it’s been like a week since we arbitrarily threw hype at someone who didn’t necessarily deserve it.  Gotta get back on that train, choo choo!  Any ideas?”

“Yeah, dawg, I gotchu – Here’s this chick, she’s got a kinda Feist-y thing going on (and lord knows, we need a new Feist), she’s produced by that one other dude we arbitrarily hyped last year with the whole Laurel Canyon vibe goin’ on, she’s got a good blend of soul, pop, and everyone’s favorite new commodity – country.”

“Oh, fuck yeah, country?  That shit is money, dude, mo-ney!  Where’s she from?”

Nashville, man.  Nashville.”

“Oh man, this is so money.  I can’t wait to tell Ryan about this.”

“Choo muthafuckin’ choo!”


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