WORST NEW TRACK | charli xcx, “doing it” [ft. rita ora] [neon gold / atlantic]

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 12.22.13 PM

Can’t believe this stuff is on the radio, english people don’t know what good music is.  look at the facts, EVERY GREAT POP STAR HAS COME OUT OF AMERICA.  michael jackson, tina turner, arethra franklin, madonna, britney spears, all the way up to beyonce and Lady gaga … who does england have to offer?? AND DONT EVEN TRY TO SAY THE BEATLES, THAT WAS LITERALY 50 YEARS AGO!!  Also that is a totally different genre, the beatles are rock music, it doesn’t even compare.  the fact that either rita ora or charlie xvx are even getting credit is only because their 1. women and b. they came from ENGLAND.  its seriously disgusting how much credit people get just because some ‘journalist’ or “critic” thinks their “interesting” (lol) cuz their from another country. like seriously come on!!! its not even funny anymore how much you people will suck someones dick just cuz they come from the land of tea and princess kate and diana and idk even whatelse lol ……… england sucks GOD BLESS THE USA

you say charlie xvx … i say Taylor Swift

you say rita ora … i say Rihanna

you say lily allen … i say Avril Lavigne

you say adele … i say Beyonce

you say arctic monkeys … i say The White Stripes

you say u2 … i say Bruce Springsteen

I was born in the USA and I am 24 and I still lsiten to REAL music


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  1. literally the worst thing I’ve ever read

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