“THE END OF AN ERA” | goodbye, HRO


I was going to do an elegy for Carles today, whose historically significant and phenomenally beautiful blog “Hipster Runoff” was sold for $20,000 today to an unknown bidder.  And though it is a universal tragedy that one of the best documents of the first Golden Age of the Internet is going the 21st century version of out of print (thank God for the Wayback Machine), it doesn’t seem like it’s time to say goodbye to Carles – he’s still going at the relatively undercover, terribly formatted carles.buzz.  There he’s churning out great content like this demonstration of how much more devastating “Beyond Good and Evil” would have been if it included frowny emoticons, or this remarkably insightful analysis of netstream vs. mainstream which is really making me question my existence rn.

Since searching through the Hipster Runoff archives is about to get a lot harder, here’s a few links to some of its greatest hits via archive.org.  Hopefully these aren’t actually the “final days of Carles” and there will be many more years of buzz to come.  But if this is the end I guess that’ll be interesting too.

7/27/09 – the monumental invention of “chillwave”

10/14/09 – astonishingly prescient early take on teens on the internet and Miley Cyrus

11/22/1o – the only time the phrase “negrofication of Pitchfork” was ever and will ever be used

12/12/10 – the less monumental invention of “slutwave”

9/13/11 – the birth of Lana Del Rey Studies

1/4/12 – a Katy Perry concert review

1/17/12 – the most moving thing ever written about Lana Del Rey, and the beginning of the end of HRO.

There’s so much more where this comes from.  Take advantage of it while you still can.




  1. Elegy or eulogy?

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