WORST NEW TRACK | courtney barnett, “pedestrian at best” [mom & pop]

SIJS-2400It’s funny, when I saw Courtney Barnett a few months back, I stood there, PBR in hand, surrounded by strangers, watching this girl and her band kind of blandly bobbing on stage and I said to myself, “Enh, pedestrian at best.”

“Pedestrian At Best”?  “PEDESTRIAN AT BEST”?!??!?  Really, Courtney?  Sorry to take cheap shots from the peanut gallery, here, but I mean, c’mon.  I’m sure this joke will have been made a few hundred times by the time I post this, but that doesn’t make it any less funny.

PS – Way to take a beautiful A. A. Milne line and make it fucking pedestrian.  At best.


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  1. […] be shot in tiny-widescreen with three different camera angles at once? Is it still a better music video than the last one? Does anyone listen to the instrumental break in this song? Does it count as an instrumental break […]

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