PETER’S THOUGHTS | no. 1 – the economy

Peter Gallagher Photo by Andrew Brucker

Hello everyone, Peter Gallagher here.  Listen, this is an unedited, free-flowing-conversations, stream-of-thought kind of thing, straight from the Sand Man to you that occasionally touches mature subjects.  For those who aren’t ready for what the Sand Man has to dish out, then get out – its a wild ride and I don’t believe in government-mandated seatbelts or airbags.


Look everyone, I know the liberal “lamestream” media would love for you to think that Obama’s economy is miraculously improving, but let me tell you something folks it is NOT.

Real America is the struggling other America, and its time that the Washington elite recognize this.  And I’m not just talking about the Real America portrayed in the critically acclaimed movie American Beauty, I’m also talking about the Real America found here in sunny Southern California.  Yes, it true, not all of us are part of the Hollywood Elite.

Trust me folks, many people are struggling here in Los Angeles.  Even me, Emmy-Award-winning Actor Peter Gallagher, has been struggling for work.  Is this Obama’s fault?  I think the answer to the question I raised ranges anywhere from probably yes to definitely yes to without question yes. That’s three yeses folks, count ’em.  Or actually don’t count them, just get the Nanny state to count them for you and spoon-feed you the answer (eerht).

Why is this so you might want to ask this question?  1. Taxes (of course) but also 2., and this one is more complicated so stick with me, but there just isn’t a demand for middle-age male actors anymore.  Yes I know you have your Liam Nelson’s and Bradd Pits, but lets face it folks in Obamas america men are being left behind and “genderfication” is taking place.  What is “genderfication” and how is this Obama’s fault?  Genderfication is a perfect example of social engineering, something the Obama administration specializes in folks.  Women stories, like those sex-crazed teens in Lena “Dumb”ham’s girls, are forcibly taking the place of real drama with the governmen’ts help.  Listen, I love sex-crazed teens just as much as the next man, but they belong in a  specific place in the netscape – and I’m not talking about the Nickelodean teen choice awards (which by the way I am open to hosting).

Maybe I’m rambling here folks, but genderfication is a real thing.  Did you know in ancient Greek Times men played the roles of women in Greek tragedies?  Can you imagine if I had played both Sandy Cohen and Marissa?  Maybe Marissa wouldn’t have died and we could have had a 5th season, now that would have been drama.  The point is that roles for men are becoming scarcer and scarcer as the nanny state provides us with more and more programing.  What programing you ask?  How about Downton Abbey?  Did you know Downton Abbey is produced by PBSthe “left” hand man of the Nobama administration?  If the free market had its say Downtown abbey would be taking place in Newport and not in France or wherever and the SANDMAN would be back in business playing Lord Grantham, King/Lord of the Beach.

Listen folks, I don’t want to go back to the laws of Ancient Greece, in fact I hate most Greeks that I meet so obviously I don’t want that, but I just think we need to think about many of the points I addressed in this piece so that maybe, just maybe, we can get Obama out of Hollywood and get the jobs back.

Sincerely Yours,

The Sand Man



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  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    “Listen, I love sex-crazed teens just as much as the next man”

    “I don’t want to go back to the laws of Ancient Greece, in fact I hate most Greeks that I meet so obviously I don’t want that”


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