OKAY WEEK | 2/9/15

A weekly roundup of all the best things to do that aren’t celebrating Valentine’s Day in some pretty okay American cities.


SEATTLE [gallons]

BIGFOOT WALLACE & HIS WICKED SONS, DAGGERHANDSBigfoot “Bob” Wallace of local tubthumpers Kithkin doing his funky gospel soul shtick is actually way more fun than it should be.  Three cheers for cultural appropriation! – TUESDAY @ Tractor Tavern, 8:00 pm, 21+ – $8

ONIBABA RAMEN – Apparently it’s so hard to get good ramen in this town that Miyabi throws a weekly thing and everyone goes bonkers.  Apparently it’s also good.  Apparently they also have actual bukakke on the menu, so if ramen’s not your thing then hey, lucky you. – WEDNESDAY @ Miyabi 45th, 11:30 am – 2:00 pm – $whatever good food costs

DANIEL HANDLERaka Lemony Snicket, who we all care about right now, has written a YA novel under his own name.  It’s called “We Are Pirates” and it’s about people who are pirates.  This is probably the most fun you’ll ever have at a book reading. – WEDNESDAY @ Central Library, 7:00 pm – $FREE

FREE COWORKING AND BEER – I don’t think it gets much more “Seattle in 2015” than this.  “Work from home?  Want to work around other people?  Discouraged from doing so cuz you like to get a thick buzz when working at home?  Boy, does WeWork have a proposition for you!”  Prepare yourself for a bajillion Amazon bros if you go. – THURSDAY @ WeWork (500 Yale Ave. N 1st. floor), 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (beer @ 4:30) – R$VP

SKYSPACE LIGHT REIGN – If you were not already aware, legendary light artist James Turrell has a permanently installed skyspace – a room you can sit in and look at the sky through the ceiling of as it dramatically changes colors with the shifting of the light – at the Henry.  It’s open to the public every Wednesday-Sunday.  What better way to spend the day after getting yr heart broken than by staring at the heavens and contemplating yr insignificance? – SUNDAY @ Henry Art Gallery, 11:oo am – 4:00 pm, $10 (museum admission)


ARIEL PINK – Say whatever you want about how weird what a racist misogynistic scourge on the indie rock community this dude is – his music is ambitious occasionally catchy and it’s the middle of early February.  You have nothing better to do. – MONDAY @ Hawthorne Theater (1507 SE Cesar E. Chavez Interstate St. 39th Ave. c’mon srsly? FOREVER), 7:00 pm – $idk you have the internet, too.

THE BODY, MUSCLE & MARROW, R.A.W. – Do you have a vague wish for an existential death?  Or perhaps your high school friends randomly picked up a creepy looking album by “The Body” and now you can never dodge this joke?  If you answered yes to either or both of those questions then this is the show for you. – TUESDAY @ The Know, 8:00 pm, 21+ – $idk these bands aren’t v. famous, it’s probably like ten dollars.

PRE-VALENTINES DAY PITY PARTY – Dan Savage soothes yr soul – oops it’s already sold out SYMBOLISM

MONSTER JAM – Yr Valentine’s day probably sucked.  THE SPHERE OF FEAR does not. – SUNDAY @ Moda Center, 2:00 pm, $more money than you are ready to pay.



LOS ANGELES [drowlett]

Nothing is happening in LA this week because certain important movers and shakers left like nine months ago.



TUESDAY NIGHT.  MYTH.  I’m sure there will be tickets left at the door, it’s 2015 and it’s Bush.

dgaf re: everything else.



BROOKLYN [bartleby]


IT’S REALLY FEBRUARY NOW – Everyone will collectively hole up in their apartments and read some Deleuze and then collapse into a pool of seasonal depression. – ALL WEEK @ Everywhere – $FREE


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