WORST NEW TRACK | hot chip, “huarache lights” [domino]


Howdy folks, many of you probbly no that when i,m stressed or there is a tough family situation going on i usually am turning to some mushu pork. Tasty stuff I know. However, i live in sunny Newport and as some of you may or may not know or maybe you don’t know im not actually privy to your individual knowledges about Newport but we have a substantial latin population. Latin americans have made many contribuatyions to our society including but not lmited to their quite tasty culinary delights. One of my favorites is something called a “huarache”, or if you are dieting or trying to loose weight to play a struggling amatuer boxer named Larry in an upcoming biopic called Togetherness (Tv show) then you can order a ‘huarache light’.

How would I describe a “huarache light?’ well its like (similar) to a huarache but with substanitally less suace, the sauce isn’t key thought so I would say they are both, while not equally good, tasty. What would I recommend eating this huarache with? How about some homemade ‘pico de gallo’ served with a fresh plate of warm to hot chips? That sounds good right?

In conclusion, if you are looking for a tasty-non chinese-meal to feed your self or your family please be sure to consider the huarache or huarache light served with a side of hot chips.



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