OKAY WEEK | 2/16/15

A fun feature on cities and local stuff where no one reports except the person designated as OKAY WEEK coordinator.  Which, like, whatever, because there’s nothing going on in anyone else’s cities, either.


SEATTLE [gallons]

GO OUTSIDE – Lordy, there’s just really nothing to do in Seattle this week. OH WAIT, JK – IT’S GODDAM SPRING OUTSIDE.  Haven’t you noticed the cherry blossoms and crocuses everywhere?  That’s right, guys, false February spring is upon us, and if you don’t take advantage of this glorious weather right now you’ll probably miss it entirely.  So get out there, go to any of the many parks in the city or, better yet, get out of town entirely, hit up the Olympic Peninsula or any of the other ridiculously close exhibitions of natural beauty. – ALL WEEK @ Everywhere that’s not indoors, 24/7, all ages – $FREE (for the most part)

PHARMAKON, GARETH JON DRUSS, PINK VOID, and KNIFECREAMOnce your inner peace is fulfilled by five days of outdoor joy and exposure to the elements, remind yourself of ugliness, disease and death with this set from Margaret Chiardet Chardiet’s incredibly visceral noise project.  She may have one of the best screams on record – I’d actually be frightened to hear it live. – FRIDAY @ Kremwerk, 9:00 PM, 21+ – $12/$16


There is nothing to do in Portland this week because its natural beauty is nothing next to Seattle.

LOS ANGELES [drowlett]

There is nothing to do in LA this week because LA is a barren desert wasteland.


There is nothing to do in STP/MPLS this week because it is frozen.

BROOKLYN [bartleby]




  1. seattle sucks

  2. we should start commenting on our own articles more often, it will make us look more interesting / read

  3. really interesting thoughts on the nature of Seattle, “gallons” – but what do you think about Tacoma? A lot of the same advantages and a whole lot cheaper – plus I don’t think it’s been as affected by “the scene” (you know what I mean….) idk what do you think? Have you checked it out at all?

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