WORST NEW TRACK | sufjan stevens, “no shade in the shadow of the cross” [asthmatic kitty]


Soofjan Stephens? Soofjen Stophens? Soófjon Steppens? Soofjob Steppenz? Soujfan Svetens? Svenjan Setsvans? Stevjans Sujvens? Snoôfman Schtebbens? Snufjäm Stebbenz? Snüffjamz Sleppπns? Scruffman Splenndibs? Smirkman Starbins? Smirkman Starbâns jr? Smirkmån Starbins Esq? Slarkob Sdevemns? Stantmun Sdezçznz? Smrumman Szçzevsny? Smrnurgman Szczånstevs? Stübbvens, Skurjám?



  1. Honestly, I think I’m going to have to stop following this blog. Sjufjans Stevjens is a national treasure! ‘Worst new track’ ?!? Wow. I refuse to listen to anyone who supports the idea that Sjüfbums Stübenbüben is anything but the foremost voice of our generation. I can only hope that the other contributors feel differently about my beloved Sjlapapapapapapapaa.

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