PETERS’ THOUGHTS | no. 2 – republic primary candidates

Hello everyone, Peter Gallagher here.  Listen, this is an unedited, free-flowing-conversations, stream-of-thought kind of thing, straight from the Sand Man to you that occasionally touches mature subjects.  For those who aren’t ready for what the Sand Man has to dish out, then get out – its a wild ride and I don’t believe in government-mandated seatbelts or airbags.



Folks many people have asked for my opinions on the current state of candidates in the republican field of candidates. This is not something I find necessarily that surprising, celebrities such as myself are often asked for our opinions on these sort of things. Maybe it is due to our access to privileged information or the fact that our artistic sensibilities improve our ability to make complex decision and by association making rationalizations. Don’t ask me again or I’ll just give you the same answer I literally just did.

Whatever the reason I’m asked a lot and as one of the few celebs in hollywood (well technically newport but im not counting and neither should you) who speaks for real america and not a member of the hollywood illumanti leftist i feel obligated to reply as an attempt to diversify the opinions in the celbritiy blogosphere.

Let me give you what I give most fans, a point by point breakdown of what I see as the ‘field of dream candidates’.


Pros: 9/11. Many people often ask me if 9/11 was an inside job. For me the jury is still out, literally actually thought because like benghazi there has not be a trial for 9/11 justice.  For now I believe it is was not, but sometimes I have thought maybe so- its a day to day sort of thing. If it was though that would definitely hurt him (guiliani). If it wasn’t, well then thats a pro. So I guess this is both a pro or a con.

Con: potentially 9/11 (see above)


Mitt, what can I say about Mitt except for listing the pros and cons, which I will do right now.

Pros: Perfectly balance of grey and brown hair. I would literally kill for that. Nothing screams leading man Pierce Brosnan esque roles like a subtle touch of grey. I personally have always thought Pierce Brosnan would make an excellent president, unfortunately he’s not electable due to some poor movie choices (his last James Bond film, lets face it, that sucked)

Cons; sometimes in the acting business we often have to tell women actors when its time  to ‘throw in the towel.’ (see Rachel Bilson) Politics is a strange business as I guess this can also happen to men. Not being sexist just an observation. i think maybe this is Mitt Romney’s Rachel Bilson moment


You know the old expression, never mix politics with friends. If you don’t well I certainly do because it is super applicable here. I’m sure my fans will know that me and Mista D are quite close. We’ve been in talks for several years to bring the D man in on to produce an OC reunion (hopefully news to come soon!).  Nows lets just get the beef out in the air. Yes, its true I have not been invited to celebrity Apprentice. Obviously I’m a huge fan of the show and I assume that Mista D simply has not invited me because, like the old expression says, never mix reality shows with friends. So beef? Maybe but maybe not also, either way don’t call me a beefatarian (or at least until a certain fast food companies pay me to say i am that). Either way hard for me to make an impartial breakdown of his presidential ambitions. HOwever if I was to embrace a candidate it would definitely be Mr Trump.


Lets just cut straight to the chase. Is Jeb a real name? I really don’t think it is and I really don’t want another fake named president (cough cough NObama).



This is definitely the candidate that I relate to the most. I learned a lot when I saw Julie and Jimmy Nichol’s divorce happen in our neighborhood. These sort of matrimonial unions are problematic and can really have a lot of dramatic effects on their children (RIP Mischa Barton). From what I read Govener Walker also seems skeptical as to the ‘legitimacy of these unions’. Granted i don’t fully understand the situation, but I’m also not totally sure where wisconsin is either so there is actually quite a bit i need to update myself on. I just like what I hear and I think i know enough to know that i want to know more.

Cons: his current state of ‘aliveness’ is in question. This is actually very confusing for me so if anyone can shed light on this confusion please share your light..


Pros: her daughter is definitely pretty hot, at least an 8. Bristol Palin is and always has been, in my mind, a totally underrated young piece of talent. Is this enough to make someone applicable to be a real presidential candidate? probably not. actually definitely not. but it does help her electability and lets face it,, if we are going to #beathillary it would not hurt ot have Bristol on our side. She was also on dancing with the stars and I was very impressed with her compusre on stage. As someone who has also spent quite a bit of time on the big stage i can tell you composure and the ability to deliver and execute lines is everything. I’d like to think Bristol understands this.

Cons: one of her daughtesr is serioulsly super #basic

There you are folks. I hope this helps you make some educated decisions as we get closer to the republican primaries. Remember, this is not an end all source for the elections. Definetly make your own decisions and opinions and then determine how you will vote from there. Reading is very important and there is a lot of great opportunities to make reading apart of your life and/or political voting decisions out there on the internet so i emplore you to do so.

-the sandman

Peter Gallagher


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  1. “sometimes in the acting business we often have to tell women actors when its time to ‘throw in the towel.’”


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