WORST NEW TRACK |courtney barnett, “depreston” [mom & pop / marathon artists ]

Are we sure that puns on the word depression are a good idea?  Are we confident that “garage” is pronounced the same way as “carriage?”  Is it possible to say “coffee shops” in a more cutesy, artsy way?  Is the slide guitar the only cool thing in this song?  Does that mean it’s country?  Should the music video really be shot in tiny-widescreen with three different camera angles at once?  Is it still a better music video than the last one?  Does anyone listen to the instrumental break in this song?  Does it count as an instrumental break if nothing changes? Am I 100% confident that I did not fall asleep while listening to this song?

No. No I am not.



  1. lmao youre an idiot, thats how people pronounce garage in Australia/UK

  2. Anonymous · · Reply


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