WORST NEW TRACK | tink “rachet commandments” [epic]

THOU SHALT NOT: String together half-assed insults about other women on instagram and pretend it is useful cultural commentary.

THOU SHALT NOT: Lapse in and out of a strange-pseudo Jamacian accent.

THOU SHALT NOT: Name yourself after Tinkerbell.

THOU SHALT NOT: Ever say the words ‘write you a manual’ in the context of a diss track.

THOU SHALT NOT: Ever use a sentence like this one to end a review: ” ‘Commandments’ may fall short in its more disparaging lyrics, but Tink’s acuity at the mic and willingness to subvert the narrative at the last minute is worth the price of admission.” WHY IS THERE A PRICE OF ADMISSION? THE METAPHOR MAKES NO SENSE.


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