WORST NEW TRACK | westkust, “swirl” [run for cover]


“Hey guys – how about a foreign act?  Maybe one from Sweden?  People really dug that Makthaverskan sheeit, I bet they’d go HAM over some more derivative blonde people.  Any ideas, Cohen?”

“Funny, now that you mention it, there’s actually this dank-ass crew outta Stockholm or whatever, they’re on Makthaverskan’s label, Run for Cover, and they even have some of the same members.  I learned about them when the Run for Cover guys took me out to lunch and a fancy Swedish massage—happy ending, if you know what I mean.” [*winks*]

“Yeeeeahhh, geddit, boiiiiii!  But damn, son, this sounds promising.  What’s their deal?”

“You know, boy/girl vocals, lotsa pedals, things everyone’s heard a million times before.  But if we make sure to preface the whole thing by acknowledging how often it’s been done, those plebs will eat it right up, cause if there’s anything everyone loves, it’s derivative shit acknowledging that it’s derivative.  Plus the vocals are very clearly enunciated.”

“I do love me some clearly enunciated vocals!  This sounds totally money, brah.  What are they called?!?”


“Wait, I thought that was that Southern chick with the twin?”

“Um, no, that’s Waxahatchee, sir.”


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