: as you probably could have guessed by this moment

*** […] ‘left’ means, *at the very least*, that the political, as such, is receptive to what is at stake in community.  On the other hand, ‘right’ means, at least, that the political is merely in charge of order and administration. *** – jean-luc nancy


~1. since the end of wwii, nothing of major consequence has happened in the western world outside the general schema of ‘progress’ *sive* late capitalism.  the  [kyriarchally advantaged] millennial generation occupies a unique position – not only has it never experienced instability, but it was raised by a generation that never experienced instability.   there is no collective memory of disruption.  there is no imagined alternative to ‘progress’.  our cultural myth is the stasis of progress and we will die on progress’s sword.

~2. the [kyriarchally-advantaged] generation born after wwii was born into a setting of unprecedented wealth and social luxury.  they are historically anomalous in that they have never experienced anything but relative luxury and that they will in all likelihood die without experiencing anything but relative luxury.  they are a #blessed generation.  their children are not.

~3. lefebvre’s axiom of recuperation – every revolutionary advance by the left can and will be recuperated by the right for the conservation of the status quo.  the adoption of ‘progress’ as the state mythology of late capitalism has allowed for the recuperation of all leftist thought (excepting its most radical forms, i.e. marxist anarchism, various left-libertarianisms, the post-political critique, insurrectionary ultraleftism) into the defense of neoliberal globalization.  we talk about the crisis of the right, but the real crisis is in the demise of the party of revolution *sive* emancipation.

~4. identitarianism – that is, the politics of the reconciliation of self-perception with societal projection – is the primary threat to the progressive late capitalist order.  identitarianism is anti-hegemonic collectivism – organize around a category, refuse assimilation, deny communication.  identitarianism is an essential component of the future of democratic politics.

~5. identitarianism is a political fallacy.

~6. the current champion of everyday life – that is, the sovereign realm of the experienced here-and-now – is the right.  the right defends everyday life by segregating it from the political.  the defense cannot hold.  the left must replace the right as the defender of everyday life.  the last frontier of real politics is everyday life.

~7. everyday life left undefended will be recuperated into late capitalist progress.  this will happen through intrusive technological advances, the adoption of state religion, social/cultural/political anesthesia, fascism, the police state, slavery.  refusing these things (and outside posthumanist disaster, humanity will refuse them), late capitalism will be forced to recuperate everyday life by means of the human spirit.  the recuperation of everyday life by means of the human spirit is ‘art’.

~8. ‘art’ is a false category created to relegate everyday life to the province of utility (*sive* capital).  Art serves two purposes –  segregation (that is, the separation of ‘the beautiful’ from the everyday in order to trivialize and/or commodify the non-useful) or destruction (that is, the abstraction/‘angelization’ of non-utilitarian everyday life).  art’s ability to segregate is obvious (the museum, the gallery, the frame).  art’s ability to destroy is revealed by its increasing encroachment upon both the province of everyday life and the provinces of those fields deemed separate from everyday life (politics, sociology, theology, etc.).  art invades politics, art invades religion, art invades human interaction.  dating is art, presidential campaign is art, rape is art.  art makes-salable or makes-worthless.  ‘art’ is anti-theological, anti-political, anti-life.

~9. art like neoliberal leftism functions on a single-axis of ‘progress’.  ‘art’ like ‘leftism’ is nearly completed.  the last remaining realm of art is *celebrity*.  the completion of *celebrity* – and therefore art – is immanent.

~10. *celebrity* is the making of everyday life into art-life.  that is, celebrity is the *identification* of the everyday with art.  b/c art is commodification and/or destruction, celebrity is the commodificaiton and/or destruction of everyday life and not its elevation.  art can only save everyday life from recuperation if it destroys itself at the completion of said recuperation.

~11.  art will not save the world.  politics will save the world.

~12. the only political truths are *charity* / *certainty* / *conviction*.

~13. we can & we must.


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